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Our digital wall adapts to all your

Our digital wall offers an exclusive animation in a unique way:

Devices from 4 to 80m²

Over 50 game programs

20 different themes

For players aged 4 to 99

valid or PMR

Outdoors or in a cramped space

Endless games

to customize

in real time

The game program can be changed for each game and adapts to each event Self-service access or with a facilitator, 1-on-1 battle, team challenge, player ranking ...
Everything is possible: you decide on the formula and we will be able to advise you to find the vote!

Played day and night

The wall has countless formulas:

Companies and event agencies

Sport events

Animation and entertainment for private or public parties

Rehabilitation and the elderly

Events, team building, seminars

Promotion, communication, sponsorship

Stands, exhibitions and events

Shopping centers

Sports events, clubs, handy sport

Municipalities, schools, association

Stations, airports

Hospitals and retirement homes

Prevention and personal development

Private events, weddings, birthdays

communiquer branding animation digi-sports


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Communicate your
brand with branding
in your image!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

With the ranking of the players : challenge the participants and collect
Datas !

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Find out more


Our digital animation is turnkey.

We only need a space of 4m² (in entertainment mode) and a standard outlet: we take care of everything!


Assembly / Disassembly

Digital wall configuration


Brainding (optional)

Player ranking (optional)